Setting up commits filtering


Every push to a repository triggers new AppVeyor build. If you are committing minor changes, say update to a documentation or static web page, you might want to skip a build. This article explains how to make AppVeyor starting new builds based on the contents of commit message, commit author or files affected by commit.

Currently, commits filtering functionality is available in appveyor.yml configuration only.

Commits filtering does not apply to builds started with UI, API or scheduled build.

Commit message

Skip commits

skip_commits.message setting allows skipping commits with a message matching regular expression.

For example, the following configuration won’t start new builds on commits with [chore] in their message:

  message: /\[chore\]/

Skip directive in commit message

AppVeyor supports “standard” directives to skip a build of particular commit.

Add [skip ci] or [ci skip] anywhere to commit message and build won’t be triggered by AppVeyor for that commit. Or explicitly skip AppVeyor only with [skip appveyor] and still allow any other CI to build the commit (eg. Travis CI).

NOTE: The [ and ] brackets in [skip ci], etc are required! Not just the text inside the brackets.

Include commits

only_commits.message setting allows triggering a new build only if commit message matches regular expression.

For example, to start a new build only if commit message contains string build use this configuration:

  message: /build/

Commit author

Skip commits

You can setup a filter to skip builds coming from specific author(s). author value can be author’s username, name, email or regular expression matching one of these.

For example, to skip all commits from author with name John Smith add this:

  author: John Smith

You can use regular expression to skip commits from several persons:

  author: /John|Jack/

Include commits setting allows triggering a new build only if commit message comes from specific author(s), for example:

  author: /Alice|Mark/

Commit files (GitHub and Bitbucket only)

Skip commits

skip_commits.files allows skipping AppVeyor build if all of the files modified in push’s head commit match any of the file matching rules (AND logic applied to multiple values):

    - dir/*
    - dir/*.md
    - full/path.txt
    - another/dir/here/
    - '**/*.html'

For example, if appveyor.yml contains the following rules:

    - docs/*
    - '**/*.html'

and push commit modified two files: docs/ and project-A/mysolution.sln the build will be started as there is no rule matching project-A/mysolution.sln.

For the same set of rules commit modifying docs/ and site/views/index.html files won’t start a build as both files match their respective rules.

Include commits

only_commits.files allows starting a new AppVeyor build if only some of the files modified in push’s head commit match their respective rules (OR logic applied to multiple values):

For example appveyor.yml contains these rules:

    - Project-A/
    - Project-B/

which means the build will be started only if one of the modified files was inside either Project-A or Project-B folder.

File matching rules

  • dir/* - all files within directory, non-recursive
  • dir/**/* - all files within directory, recursive
  • dir/ - all files within directory, recursive
  • test/readme - specific file
  • full/path.txt - specific file
  • '**/*.html' - all .html files within repository, recursive


  • both \ and / slashes are allowed.
  • surround value with single quotes if starts from *, e.g. '*.txt'

The following example triggers new build for changes in src\ProjectA folder only:

    - src\ProjectA\
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