Deploying to Azure blob storage

Azure blob storage provider copies all or selected artifacts to Windows Azure storage.

Provider settings

  • Storage account name (storage_account_name) - Azure storage account name.
  • Storage access key (storage_access_key) - storage account access key.
  • Container name (container) - the name of storage container to copy to. Container name length must be between 3 and 63 symbols.
  • Folder (folder) - name of folder to copy to.
  • Artifact (artifact) - name of artifact to copy.
  • Unzip artifacts before uploading to Azure Storage (unzip) - set true to unpack Zip artifacts before uploading to storage. Default is false.
  • Set blobs Content Type based on file extensions (set_content_type) - set true to automatically configure content types based on file extensions, which default to application/octet-stream otherwise. Default is false.

Configuring in appveyor.yml:

  provider: AzureBlob
  storage_account_name: mystorage
    secure: ZZbm8KKD1lLCi9btF1fDkQ==
  container: builds
  artifact: myapp
  unzip: false
  set_content_type: false
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