Deploying to Amazon S3 bucket

Amazon S3 deployment provider copies all or selected artifacts to Amazon S3 storage.

Provider settings

  • Access key ID (access_key_id) - AWS account access key.
  • Secret access key (secret_access_key) - AWS secret access key.
  • Bucket name (bucket) - the name of bucket to copy artifacts to.
  • Region (region) - AWS region where the bucket is located.
  • Folder (folder) - name of folder to copy to.
  • Artifact (artifact) - name of artifact(s) to copy. If more than one, separate with commas (,).
  • Unzip artifacts before uploading to Amazon S3 Storage (unzip) - Default is false.
  • Enable public access to published S3 objects (set_public) - Default is false.
  • Enable server-side encryption (AES-256) (encrypt) - Default is false.
  • Use Reduced Redundancy Storage (reduced_redundancy) - Default is false.
  • Retry attempts (max_error_retry) - Number of times provider will retry after a failure. Default is 0.

Configuring in appveyor.yml:

  provider: S3
  region: eu-west-1
  unzip: true|false (disabled by default)
  set_public: true|false (disabled by default)
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